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Gimme a burger with a double helping of Chicken Feces?

That’s right, cattle that eventually end up in the beef we eat regularly feed on something called “chicken litter,” which is kinda like, you know, cat litter. It’s the stuff swept off the floor of the chicken coops operated by mammoth industrial farms and contains stray chicken feed, poop, feathers and whatever else the poor things excrete from their cramped cells.

What is even more surprising than the idea that cattle farmers think it’s a good idea to feed chicken crap to their cows is the fight being waged by the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association to block a campaign by the Consumers Union and other watchdog groups to get the feces out of the feed. The activists warn the cows could become infected with mad cow disease. The association says those concerns are overblown. But even the McDonald’s burger chain is on the Consumers Union side of this fight. And, anyone who read Eric Schlosser‘s 2001 exposé “Fast Food Nation” knows McDonald’s is no paragon on quality of beef issues. Read more about it in this Los Angeles Times story.