Sustainablity News from around the Web

Rapid changes to our environment threaten the foundations of human health, according to a new study, reported here.

Another study has found folic acid supplements taken by pregnant women may reduce asthma risks in the child.

“Clunker” trade-ins were mostly used to purchase pickup trucks with nearly as bad environmental impacts.

Federal officials are pressing Maryland and other states that drain into the Chesapeake Bay to get serious about cleanup efforts.

MoJo is reporting that “It’s Official: No Climate Bill This Year”

WAPo has a piece on why more than 3.4 million acres of land that farmers used to set aside as part of a federal conservation program are being plowed again since September when the contracts expired. At risk are “millions of acres of habitat for quail, pheasant, prairie chickens and other wildlife and established filter strips and forested buffers to protect streams, lakes and rivers from sedimentation and agricultural runoff.”

Environmentalists are fighting the Obama Administration’s appointment of a lobbyist as its  chief agricultural trade negotiator.


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I'm Christine MacDonald, a journalist and the author of the book: "Green, Inc., An Environmental Insider Reveals How a Good Cause Has Gone B

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