Today’s Sustainability News Roundup

Given the wave of bedbug sightings in DC and elsewhere recently, this new research is a relief. Environmental Health News is reporting that “good housekeeping” habits are more effective than fumigation in keeping the bedbug population at bay.

Californian regulators are considering a proposal for pay-by-the-mile auto insurance. If adopted, California would be the second state, after Texas, to give motorists a chance to insure themselves for only the miles they drive. Besides offering a new way of looking at auto insurance, the plan, called the MileMeter, drives home (so to speak) the connection between mileage and air pollution, not to mention global warming.

Spiegel Online International provides some insights on how climate change fighters could save the planet on the cheap.

Kmart, Target and Toys R Us will pay nearly half a million dollars to settle a California lawsuit over sale of toys containing excessive amounts of lead.

Nanoparticles found in many body lotions and cosmetics damage DNA, according to new research.

USA Today has a story on bad behavior by farmers growing genetically engineered corn.

Owens Corning is starting a shingle recycling program.

LEED, the country’s preeminent green building rating system, has seen rapid growth this year, even as the conventional environmentally evasive construction industry has faltered.

Traces of BPA, the controversial plastic often used to coat the insides of cans, can leach into the food inside those cans. Yuk!


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