Today’s Sustainability News

Some upscale vinegars – particularly high-priced balsamics – tip the scale on lead content too, this report finds.

California‘s green efforts – from using recycled paper to fighting global warming – found to be more talk than walk by this new investigative report.

Mother Jones
says California‘s Century as the country’s so-called Salad Bowl is about to be over. Instead, the central valley could become the next Dust Bowl.

MoJo’s Blue Marble blog has a post about how the author was “bambloozled” into buying sheets advertised as eco-friendly bamboo when they were really made out of icky rayon with bamboo content. The Federal Trade Commission was also unamused. It slapped the hand of the manufacturer, a company called Bamboosa, last month. Read all about it.

Do you know that it took cyanide to make the gold wedding band, gold earrings or watch you’re wearing? That’s right, the stuff spies carry around in case they get caught by the enemy and need to die really quickly. Well, gold mines around the world use cyanide to separate the gold from the rest of the mine rubble. It’s all safe enough, mining companies say, that is – until the cyanide seeps into the ground and drinking water suppliers. Here’s a story about the devastating effects it can have when it does.

Clorox has announced that it’s taking the chlorine out of its bleach. But the move isn’t motivated by the company’s self-proclaimed environmental ethos. Read what really appears to be fueling the change.


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