Coffee Time! Bikes, Pedestrians & Stinky Sewerage in Today’s Local News

First, the sad news that a bicyclist was fatally hit by a Bladensburg police car over the weekend. Here’s the WaPo story.

Speaking of bike safety, Borderstan offers a photo montage of street signs added along side the new 15th St. NW bike lane.

Meanwhile, DC Mayor Adrian Fenty has a little problem on his hands thanks to his bicycling passion. Surely some District residents are overjoyed that their mayor has a healthy passtime for blowing off steam and maintaining his personal “sustainablity,” unlikely some … ehr, previous office holders, but should DC taxpayers be saddled with the bill for Fenty’s police escort? It doesn’t look good for the mayor, coming as it does after pool-o-gate, in which city officials installed a heater in the city outdoor pool where Fenty happens to swim.

Urban Places and Spaces offers a more policy-centric take on the mayor-on-a-bike phenomenon.

Given the recent bike fatality, you may ask: is it safer to walk than peddle? WaPo reports today that the DC region has received only middling marks in pedestrian safety from the just released national “pedestrian safety index.”

Here’s a link to the index.

Speaking of where DC pedsters should fear to tread, the City Fix has this post on pedestrian peril at U Street & Florida Avenue. NW

Finally, Frozen Tropics has this sink bomb buried halfway down the page in a post about the ANC 5B meeting last week: “a broken sewer line in the National Arboretum. It turns out that this line broke 6 months ago, but there was no public notice, and it was leaking raw sewage directly into a tributary of the Anacostia River. WASA repaired the break, but another break occurred recently. Again, there was no public notice of this sewer line break.”



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