Morning Coffee: Fenty-gate, Congestion Pricing + Swine Flu – the Pet Connection!

The Montgomery County Council has voted to back construction of taller buildings and other ways to encourage denser growth in areas around Metro stations and other transportation hubs, WTOP reports.

WTOP also has a new installment in its Fenty-gate reporting – the radio station says that the mayor has used federal Homeland Security SUVs to shuttle him to more than a dozen bike races in the last two years. Beyond whether this is an appropriate use of taxpayer dollars, think of the carbon footprint: those SUVs are tremendous gas guzzlers. It just doesn’t look good for the mayor.

WAMU radio has a story suggesting you could get Swine Flu from your pet, only to couch that declaration by adding that it’s much more common to get the H1N1 virus from another person. The story goes on to quote a veterinarian urging people to hug their dogs regularly, only to point out such close contact is not necessarily a good idea if the pet is coming down with the flu. The upshot: should we be afraid of our germ-carrying mascots?  It’s hard to say from this story!

DC Streets blog has a piece on the Brookings Institution’s Alice Rivlin, who served as budget director for the Clinton Administration. Rivlin supports moving the country to “congestion pricing,” a twist on road tolls in which drivers are charged more during rush hour to get into urban areas with the most traffic gridlock. Experiments are underway in several cities around the globe, most notably London. New York City, however, is among the metropolises that have dissed the idea.

Meanwhile, Greater Greater Washington has a post on a new iPhone app that promises to do a better job than the folks at Metro of estimating when the Circulator bus will arrive at your stop.

WaPo reports that the Arts Place and another large NE development received preliminary approval at Monday night’s DC Zoning Board meeting. The Arts Place project, located near the Fort Totten Metro station, could pay environmental dividends by encouraging more Metro usage and less driving.


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