Morning Coffee: Smart Appliances, Unisex Fish

The New York Times’ Green, Inc. blog says “smart appliances” designed to save on energy usage are arriving in stores around the country. The catch: the “smart” grid that would allow these appliances to put their energy-busting technology to work is still a dream on Washington policymakers drawing board.

The toxic stew of chemicals in the Potomac River is killing fish and altering their sexual development, according to the Potomac Conservancy‘s annual “State of the Nation’s Rivers” report, covered today in The Washington Post. The report, reportedly, makes no conclusions on the human health impacts. What goes unstated, however, is that our drinking water here in DC comes from the Potomac!

Ryan Avent laments the lack of car sharing in DC, while The Heights Life picks up on the rejoicing on city listservs now that parking-space hogging street cleaning is suspended until the spring.

Washington Business Journal says Montgomery County may opt for a more permanent but costly light rail instead of a bus for the planned 14-mile Clarksburg to Shady Grove line. The vote is set for Nov. 17.

Greater Greater Washington posts on a new report grappling with what the metropolitan DC area will look like in 2050. The take away: Revamping aging suburbs into denser, more pedestrian friendly communities of the future will be no easy task, David Alpert notes.  The Coalition for Smarter Growth is holding a forum tomorrow night.

Park View DC has the goods on last night’s ANC1A meeting in which developers discussed plans for the former Central Union Mission property at the southwest corner of Newton and Georgia Ave.


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