Morning Coffee: Metro Busted, Swine Flu Kills, Fenty Scolded, Climate Change Real + More Sustanability News

Metro is facing criminal charges for letting toxic chemicals runoff from its train washing ops in 2003, The Washington Post reports

Swine Flue kills 6 more people in Md, bringing the death toll in the state to 19, says the Baltimore Sun. The news follows yesterday’s revised CDC estimates of H1N1 fatalities nationwide.

DC Mayor Adrian Fenty’s police escort has been pulled. No more official entourage when the mayor goes biking, WaPo’s DC Wire blog reports.

Borderstan announces an “emergency” meeting about bad behavior (by the owners, not the dogs) at the 17th Street NW dog park.

WAMU has a piece on celebrations underway of Charles Darwin, who published “Origin of the Species” 150 years ago this month.

Greater Greater Washington riffs on the District’s “reservations,” those little – often triangular mini-parks found all over the city. Commenters debate whether these tiny green spaces are worthwhile or a waste of space. I vote worthwhile. And, you?

Congress Heights on the Rise exalts in the “debranding” of a Chevron station in her nabe that has had its share of complaints.

The Fairfax Suburbanist, by way of Jenifer Joy Madden, has a post on a new report about the dangers of crossing the county’s streets. Thanks for the heads-up Jenifer!

More evidence of global warming at Dot Earth.

Finally: here are a couple of stories on climate politics. WaPo is reporting that the Obama administration may endorse a scaled-back, short-term climate pact at international talks next month in Copenhagen, in place of a more serious global warming accord that had seemed possible earlier this year. Meanwhile, the New York Times has a story on environmentalist ire over the dominance of energy industry executives at hearings for Congress’s climate bill.

Ahhhh, what will become of us? To paraphrase Scarlett: Let’s not think about today. We’ll think about it tomorrow. Have a happy Friday! Hmmm, come to think of it, it’s Friday, the 13th. Should we be concerned?


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