Today’s Green Lines: Women More Ecological, The Big Dig Comes to The Hill, More People Taking the Bus + Lawnmower Needed

Women act more ecologically, but climate change is taking a harsher toll them than on men, according to a new UN report.

Public transportation usage is growing in unexpected places. While Boston, New York City, the District and other East Coast cities already have high ridership numbers, more people are climbing aboard trains and buses in Detroit, San Antonio, Phoenix, Charlotte, N.C. and other unexpected spots around the country.  Officials speculate that gas prices and economic uncertainty is getting more people aboard. Read the whole story.

Barry Farm (Re)mixed is getting lots of support for a neighborhood cleanup this weekend. But I think they are still in need of someone with a lawnmower. If you have one, consider joining the crew.

Park View has a photo essay questioning whether those neighborhood welcome to … signs add or detract from the loveliness of historic districts.

Go read DC Mud today on how the expansion of the Panama Canal may mean Capitol Hill is “about to get its own Big Dig – a $174 million capital improvement project that will unearth the long-buried tunnel south of the Capitol Building to widen and deepen the antiquated freight line.

Ahead of next month’s Copenhagen climate summit, countries are unveiling plans and pledges to cut emission. One notable exception to the trend – the United States.


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