Greenlines: If the chemicals don’t get us, global warming will?

The Washington Post uses this summer’s 28 million box recall of Kellogg‘s cereals to point out that U.S. regulators have no information on the health risks of most chemicals found in the produces we eat, wear, used to clean our house, and so on. The story also discusses new legislative initiatives to update the 1970s law governing how much information companies must disclose. Here’s the story.

The Post is chock full of other lifestyle news today. Besides a flurry of babies possibly conceived during last winter’s blizzard, the District’s newspaper of record gives the lowdown on Metro fare hikes and interviews the folks running the free health clinic at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center this week.  On its editorial page, meanwhile, the Post mentions some of the latest “depressing” news about global warming and makes a rather forlorn call for the country’s leaders to stop waffling and start acting to turn things around.

DC.Streets blog reports on developments in the U.S. House of Representatives to approve new spending on highways and public transit but only after stripping out $200 million in “livability initiatives — money that would have been used to help states coordinate transportation, land use, and conservation policy.”

Researchers in Australia publish a new study linking attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder to junk food.

How gauche: DC Metrocentric is having a “floorgasm” over the McMansion-sized houses on Garfield Street in Wesley Heights. 6,000-square-feet, a library and a “tandem garage” for $2.25 million. Can you imagine what this house would cost to heat and cool — not to mention the global warming-inducing greenhouse gas emissions?


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