In a Nation of Fatties, D.C. Looking Svelte

The New York Times has a surprising story today bout the rapidly expanding waistline of the average American. Three in ten people admitted to telephone interviewers that they are fat (which means probably a lot more are hefty, considering that, as the Times points out, people are notorious for describing ourselves as taller and thinner than we really are!)

OK. So, the country’s growing obesity problem isn’t very newsy, but here’s the curious part: Residents of Washington, D.C. and Colorado are doing better in the battle of the bulge. Obesity rates in both places are under 20 percent. This news has baffled researchers. Why are we svelter inside the Beltway? Theories include the following possibilities: We may take the Metro and walk more. We eat more fruit and vegetables than the national average. More District residents were breastfed, which is known to cut down on obesity.

Click here to read the story and find out which state clinched the dubious title of number one.


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