Morning What if …

What if … Pakistan’s flooding, the BP spill or the Bhopal chemical spill … happened here?

The BBC has posted a page full of “what if?” interactive maps using Google technology that show what various natural and human-made disasters would look like if they happened where you and I live. Pretty sobering stuff.

Until seeing this map, I had no idea the area effected by this month’s flooding in Pakistan was so large that it would stretch from Montreal to Georgia if it had happened here. For more on the situation in Pakistan, here’s a video by Huma Beg, a Pakistani journalist who is traveling through the effected areas.

And there are more maps on the BBC site. For instance:

The cloud of deadly toxins let loose by India’s Bhopal chemical spill would have pretty much engulfed Washington D.C. The BP spill gushed enough oil to slime all of London, and the Eastern Pacific Garbage Patch is large enough to float over the entire United States … from sea to shining sea, so to speak. Sheesh!


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