Yes Men getting remarkable mileage from the Chevron ruse

This is one Yes Men prank that seems to ripen with age: It’s been nine days since the cause-related impersonators committed their latest spoof — a collaborative and multilayered effort targeting Chevron.

The oil giant, still smarting from “CRUDE,” the documentary accusing it of polluting Ecuadoran rainforest, was readying a glitzy new ad campaign that strikes a distinctly a good corporate citizen pose. That is, before the activists went to work rewriting the ambiguously worded ads to send another message entirely.

News outlets seemed to yawn at the first reports that The Men had struck again, this time with help from the Rainforest Action Network and other environmentalists. But this gag hasn’t so much happened as unfolded, gaining momentum as it goes along, sort of like satirical scatter shot ricochetting off of corporate brands and news organizations. Today, the group kept on rolling by reveling some of the backstory about the activists who tipped them to Chevron’s ad plans. And there’s even a video about the role DC street artist César Maxit had in the caper:


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