Reversing the Ride May Reverse Bad Vibes Too

It’s so good to see Capital Bikeshare doing something about the logistical problems threatening to turn its riders against the fledgling cyclist sharing business.

Yesterday bikeshare announced a competition that will enlist members to restock stations. It couldn’t come soon enough; I can’t count the times I’ve been late for appointments, classes and meetups with friends in the last few months because stations were either empty of bikes or full-up.

I love the service. I love being able to pick up a bike anywhere in the city and then drop it off again without having to hassle with heavy locks and worry about theft. I even like the idea of sharing with my fellow citizens, thus lowering my own carbon footprint. But having to hoof it or peddle, sometimes across whole neighborhoods, was starting to undermine bikeshare’s biggest selling point: convenience. Enlisting riders to solve the problem and rewarding them for their efforts sounds like a great idea.

The Washington City Paper also has a post with a few contest details.


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