Monthly Archives: June 2011

Doesn’t sound half-bad: If we all lived like Parisians, the world population would take up pretty small portion of the Earth, according to this visualization by Tim De Chant at the website Per Square Mile.


Bike Lane or Obstacle Course?

One urban biker’s protest video – Riled by a 50-buck traffic ticket received for deviating from the bike lane, this guy takes “direct action” to a new level. Incidentally, he could use one of those snazzy bike helmets if he’s going to keep this up.

Should Enviro Leaders Make More Than 99% of Us?

To prepare for my talk at the De-growth Vancouver conference, I updated this chart showing the salaries and benefits of some of the world’s top environmentalists. They each earn so much that they fall into a very exclusive tax bracket — the top one percent of U.S. taxpayers. Let me say that again: They earn more than 99 percent of U.S. taxpayers!

On Friday afternoon, I’ll be talking about the corporate funding from oil and gas, mining, logging, and consumer goods companies that helps fund these generous pay scales and how dependence on corporate cash threatens the groups’ credibility and weakens the environmental movement.