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Some of the “many hearts” of Oct. 6 Protest

Many hearts + Signs at Oct. 6 protest


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DC’s Simulated Recycling on the Kojo Show This Week

I was sorta depressed after my recycling story ran in Washington City Paper and it looked like the city government wasn’t going to do anything about all the “fake”recycling in DC. But the city council held a hearing this month + DPW is seeking changes to the recycling law. I was on the Kojo Nnamdi radio show this week talking about the issue.

Here’s a link to the segment.

Morning Green: Enviromental & Health News from Around the Web

Scientists at West Virginia University have found children with high levels of the toxic chemical C8 in their blood are more likely to have high cholesterol. C8 is a chemical used by DuPont starting in the 1950s at a plant near Parkersburg, W.V., where residents recently settled a class action suit against the company. You can read the whole story here.

Sealants used for decades as a topcoat on asphalt driveways are also coming under new scrutiny. The sealants are made of coal tar, the same stuff that burst a retention dam at a Tennessee coal powered electric plant last year and flooded the surrounding area with toxic sludge. That story can be found here.

Not everyone wants to hear about the risks, however. In California, where warning labels mandated by state law have graced a wide variety of products for two decades, there is new criticism that so many Cassandra-like admonitions have become meaningless to an increasingly complacent public. Here‘s that story.