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Greenlines: Public Schools May Get Better Lunches + Goethermal Power – But Not Both

Miles Grant reports that the Arlingtonians for a Clean Environment board has endorsed a plan for installing geothermal power at the new Wakefield High School.

There is a cross-post on DC Food For All and The Slow Cook l has an update on the DC Council’s Healthy Schools bill that would improve the food served in the city’s public schools.

Here’s a good reason to move into the city: The Washington Post reports that the controversial new Inter-county connector will be the region’s most expensive highway, costing more than six bucks each way.

Much excitement is brewing about DC’s new streetcars though the cars won’t be operational for a while – maybe not until 2012. Still here’s a post by DC MUD and another from WTOP.

Barry Farm (Re)Mixed recommends the documentary FOOD, Inc. I agree with the Urban Architect; the movie is worth a view. Here’s a review I posted to the Washington City Paper site after the premier at the E Street Cinema last spring.

From here, it’s hard to tell just how badly things are going at the UN climate talks in Copenhagen. Get a load of these two conflicting headlines, one from the New York Times, the other from The Guardian:

Obama Presses China for Accountability on Climate

Barack Obama’s speech disappoints and fuels frustration at Copenhagen

On that note, I wish you well this pre-holiday Friday. Bundle up, there’s a storm coming!


DC Green: Streetcars, Cyclists + Rooftop Wind Turbines

Dcist has all the details on Public Enemy‘s concert to benefit the Sasha Bruce House for at risk youth in Southeast. Bring a winter coat to donate along with your admission price.

Dcist is also reporting world-class cyclists may do more than one lap around the District next year when the 2011 Giro d’Italia comes to town. I guess it pays to have a cyclist mayor.

The Prince of Petworth is chronicling the journey of the city’s new streetcars.

WAMU says the advertising industry is trying to block Virginia Congressman Jim Moran’s bill to combat obesity among kids.

Greater Greater Washington has a post on plans to improve the walkability of two neighborhoods on opposite ends of the city.

DCMetrocentric has a post on plans to revive the Howard Theater in Shaw.

Activists are about to throw down the gauntlet (again) with an E-cycling lawsuit. They want federal regulation of electronics recycling. Today, our old computers, TVs and cell phones often end up in China, India and impoverished countries where they are stripped by hand at great human and environmental toll.

Dreaming of your very own wind turbine behind your rowhouse or atop your condo building but not sure there’s enough wind around here to make the hefty investment worthwhile?  The TerraPass blog has as a story that could help you figure it out.

I leave you this morning with Treehugger‘s  Copenhagen crib sheet to understanding the issues, the factious politics, the science, and the stakes at next month’s international climate talks.

DC Morning Coffee

A roundup of green news and rants posted on DC blogs.

The blogs are abuzz about plans to bring back streetcars. But the most comprehensive post is here, at Greater, Greater Washington.

The Prince of Petworth has this worthy screed against litterbugs and a tribute to some anonymous neighbors who installed their own trash bin in a park.

On transportation wonk blog, The Bellows, muses about what the country would be like if we spent as much on rebuilding our decrepit roads, bridges and other infrastructure as we do on defense.  He quotes a figure of $680 billion.

Miles Grant stumps for the climate changes bill that’s still kicking around the Senate.

The City Fix blog mines recently released Census data showing that two-thirds of Washington area workers drive alone to work in a post about traffic congestion and its consequences.